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Singapore (1 March 2018) - One-for-one. Two for the price of one. Buy one and get another free-of-charge. Whichever way you call it, it’s a darn great, burgerlicious deal!

VeganBurg, the world's first 100% plant-based burger joint, is celebrating the reboot of its three signature burgers - the Hawaiian TeriyakiTangy Tartar and the Avocado Beetroot - by making these available in a mouth-watering “One-for-1” deal from 2 March to 4 March, for both dine-in and takeaway.

The recipe changes were carefully crafted with unique taste combinations and the freshest superfood ingredients to enhance customers’ dining experiences, resulting in burgers that are bursting forth with new flavours for anyone to enjoy.

“We are committed to offering consumers with the most amazing plant-based burgers everyday. We are constantly evolving our products to heighten the VeganBurg experience,” said Alex Tan, the Founder of VeganBurg. 

“With the new recipe changes, consumers can be assured that they are receiving plant-based burgers that meet their expectations of a delicious taste and an improved nutritional recipe! We’re excited to say that we’ve found the perfect combinations for three of our signature favourites,” he added.


Hawaiian Teriyaki

Say “Aloha!” to the new and improved Hawaiian Teriyaki with an added brand-new soy and gluten-free superfood patty! Seasoned with magic and grilled to perfection, these delectable burgers, which once carried a grilled soy patty, will now boast a hearty crispy-on-the-outside and chewy-on-the-inside brown rice patty, packed with nutrient-rich black beans and brown rice. Every bite is not only a tropical explosion of flavours, but also delivers a healthy dose of protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making these burgers the superstars of heart-healthy foods!


Avocado Beetroot


One reason to leave a pâté early: fresh butter-soft avocado slices! Bursting with vitamin B, minerals, and good fat, the Avocado Beetroot, which used to hold a creamy avocado pâté, will now star a generous portion of rich and nutty flavoured avocado slices, the perfect texture complement to the burger’s crispy plant-protein patty, hand-shredded beets, red onion, tomato, and creamy vegan aioli. Treat your body with this nutrient booster!





End your Lunar New Year celebrations on a prosperous note with the Tangy Tartar and its upgraded brand spankin’ new ‘phish’ (plant-based version of fish) fillet patty! Piled with dairy-free tartar sauce, fresh cucumber and pickles, these hefty and decadent burgers are totally addictive and indulgent, and made bolder in flavour and texture with the addition of a flaked firm ‘phish’ patty.

The menu revamp also introduces the Chik’n Nuggets with Dijonnaise Sauce, a brand-new sidekick that is a 100% plant-based version of chicken nuggets, and the introduction of a new Secret Sauce to complement the all-time favourite sidekick, Smoked Franks. 

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About VeganBurg: 

Since 2010, VeganBurg has been redefining food pop culture and comfort food with its delectable 100% plant-based menu. The fast-casual restaurant is successfully pushing the limit and breaking the stereotype of how a burger should look and taste like - by mixing and matching colorful ingredients, plant-based burgers with daring flavors and gourmet sauces. Signature fan favorites include the “Creamy Shrooms” burger, “Seaweed Fries”, and “Sizzlin' Broccoli”.

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