Looks like Chili Krab Burger’s back on the menu, boys!

Watch the mind-blowing burger in action.


VeganBurg is mixing it up and reinventing one of Singapore’s most iconic hawker favorites with the launch of the Chili Krab Burger.

Chili crab has been enjoyed by locals and tourists alike for decades, and the delicious Chili Krab Burger combines everything Singaporeans love about the famous seafood dish plus an infusion of bespoke ingredients. The plant-based burger is piled with crispy-outside-and-fluffy-inside vegan shredded konjac “crab” meat patty, farm-fresh hand-leafed romaine lettuce, and authentic homemade chili crab sauce made from handcrafted rempah with chili padi, red chili and ginger. All of this scrumptious goodness is sandwiched between an artisan fiber-fueled wholemeal bun.