Director of Operations Profile

Tracy Lim, Director of Operations / Co-founder

The Rasa Sayang Burg comes as a meal with Coconut Fries, vegan Rose Bandung and Chendol Ice Cream

Both Tracy and her husband have been vegetarians for more than two decades and have been very active with the continuously growing vegetarian community in Singapore. The vegan community is even smaller, as the diet specifies no dairy or egg products in addition to plant foods.

At the moment, there are no model fast food options for the plant‐based diet community. They are proud to say that VeganBurg is the first vegan fast food restaurant in Singapore, Asia, and the world.

Tracy is a feminine pillar of strength, always calm and collected. With more than two decades of administration experience behind her, she is down-to-earth, systematic, focused, organized, and excellent in analytics. Her intuition and natural flair for operational details has been an indispensable support for VeganBurg’s CEO over the years.

About VeganBurg

VeganBurg in itself is a full sensory experience: seeing and feeling the industrial safari interior design, smelling the aroma of your favorite comfort food, hearing the crackle of pan-fried goodness and tasting that perfect combination of the fibre-fueled bun, protein-packed plant-based patty and gourmet sauce – in a fugue of sweet and savory.

Totally redefining food pop culture and comfort food with its delectable 100% plant- based menu. What’s more, we incorporate a fusion of East meets West flavours to get the best out of both worlds.


As a 100% family-owned and operated fast casual restaurant, VeganBurg was created from scratch by Alex and his family – from the creation of its overall concept, to branding, menu development, location selection, and restaurant design.

On the daily, Tracy and her family work hand in hand in carefully developing in-house recipes and conducting stringent quality checks on all their menu items.  

One Burger at a Time

We keep things fresh and exciting for our patrons by introducing new seasonal specials. For example, we launched the Chili Krab burger for National Day last year, made with vegan konjac ‘crab’ meat patty and a chili crab sauce made from scratch, and we welcomed the Christmas holidays with the launch of the Trufflebello Burg, which was inspired by classic fall and winter flavours and consisted of a festive concoction of superfoods! We also kicked off the spooky spirit of Halloween 2017 with the launch of the Thriller Burger, consisting of a ghoulish black charcoal bun and served over a tray of bewitching dry ice.

We are focused and committed to offering our customers the best green and sustainable experience possible – from eco-friendly lighting to packaging, and from tables made from upcycled wood pallets and compostable takeaway cutlery, down to the very last bite of burgers made with protein-packed patties and wholemeal buns that are sourced locally. We enjoy enticing our customers’ pallets with fun and innovative sustainable fast food, like our freshly grilled “Sizzlin’ Broccoli”, which is a healthy yet tasty alternative side dish.

The Burger Bunch

Having an outlet and a growing family means that I am constantly running around and managing both the business and the family simultaneously. We have 2 kids. Combine that with the unpredictability of the food industry and you will have an atomic bomb. Owning a business as a family is certainly not for the faint-hearted. In the midst of it all, I stayed centred and balanced all the time despite all the challenges. Juggling life between kids and grounding at work is demanding to say the least. I think we’ve all been there. Luckily, I’m able to work it out. Balance is the key. And as with any aspect of life, I believe that communication matters. My husband and I are able to work through family and business routines and schedules so that we both have time not only for the kids but for self-care as well. Fortunately, for me, my motherly instinct and skills come in handy when it comes to managing our daily operations.

On Turning Over A New Leaf

In Singapore, there is a lack of variety of plant-based products. Reason being is that 10 years ago, there wasn’t ample demand - people didn’t even know what vegan meant. Hence,  we had to commit to a minimum order quantity every time we sample products for research and development.

In the United States, we had to endure even bigger challenges and risks, mainly due to the timeline of setting up the business there. From the application of our visa, to self funding  - without any guarantee of being able to open and operate the business. And as soon as we settled the paperwork, as always, things pile up. My husband and I both took turns in opening and closing the store, taking care of the kids, making sure that chores are done. My family and I took what was probably the biggest risk at the time.