VeganBurg's Official Statement About Impossible Foods

Here at VeganBurg, we value how the scientific community work together in order to reach the same goal - sustainability.

Glyphosate is a well-studied chemical and it is not a carcinogenic contrary to what most people think. And based on the peer reviewed scientific studies that my team and I have read,  we all agree that it is safe and does not pose any risk. We believe that science shouldn’t be up for debate based on fear and fearmongering. We stand by the scientific community. 

As such, we stand by the FDA's evaluation of Impossible Food's products. And we quote "Based on the information that Impossible Foods provided, as well as other information available to FDA, we have no questions at this time regarding Impossible Foods’ conclusion that soy leghemoglobin preparation is GRAS under its intended conditions of use to optimize flavor in ground beef analogue products intended to be cooked." as linked: 

Here are a couple of helpful links from the genetic literacy project.

And here are the links to Impossible Foods official statements:

And for the complete rebuttal, please see this link: 

Message from Impossible Foods: Impossible was deemed 100% safe to eat by both the US FDA and the Singapore AVA.  In terms of Glyphosate, this is commonly detected at these low levels in both organic and non-organic foods. In fact, the minuscule levels of these chemicals that were detected in both the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger were less than 1/1000 the limit set by EPA for glyphosate residue in dried pea (8,000 ppb) and soybeans (20,000 ppb), respectively. They were even almost 100-fold lower than the glyphosate limits set by USDA for ORGANIC certification of pea protein (400 ppb) and soy protein (1,000 ppb) - ie, the glyphosate levels measured in both products would easily pass the glyphosate-residue requirements for organic certification of soybeans or peas, respectively.

Study from EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency): The epidemiological evidence at this time does not support a causal relationship between glyphosate exposure and solid tumors. There is also no evidence to support a causal relationship between glyphosate exposure and the following non-solid tumors: leukemia, multiple myeloma, or Hodgkin lymphoma. source: 

And at the end of the day, both VeganBurg and Impossible Foods have the same goal. And that is to eradicate factory farming and lessen the effects of climate change. Let's all save the planet, one burger at a time.


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