The 10th of October Sees the Launch of VeganBurg’s Lucky Number 9 Campaign

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A ONE-DAY Exclusive Menu on VeganBurg's 9th Anniversary: The Lucky #9 Burger

To celebrate the birthday we are giving away Free soft serve with each Lucky #9 Burger purchased

Hot on the heels of their 9th anniversary, the world’s first plant-based burger joint reveals a hot hack!

In a worldwide first, VeganBurg will give its customers the Lucky Number 9 experience. This represents a significant shift for VeganBurg by giving its customers something that has never been done before. 

The Lucky Number 9 burger is a tasty new burger made with nine fantabulous ingredients—a protein-packed patty, fresh sautéed mushrooms, mixed with caramelised onions and a secret sauce, topped with farm-fresh lettuce, seared vegan bacon, sunny side-up vegan egg, and tasty vegan cheese all served in a wholemeal GMO-free bun. 

The Lucky Number 9 will be available in SF & Singapore outlet at $16.90 with a complimentary soft serve. To be served only on 10 October, 2019, the Lucky Number 9 campaign will run under the hashtag #vbturns9 and #luckynumber9. 

“We are really excited to offer our customers this new and exciting way to enjoy their vegan burger and we hope that this Lucky Number 9 burger hack will inspire everyone to unleash their inner burger designer by sharing their own #VeganBurgHacks!” said Alex Tan, CEO and Founder of VeganBurg.

In addition to the Lucky Number 9 burger, VeganBurg also made a donation of $5,000 to Isha Foundation Cauvery Calling Project in India. With the donation, VeganBurg pledges to plant over 6,200 trees along the river bank of Cauvery to revitalize the river and transform the lives of 84 million people. 

Over the past nine years, VeganBurg has been at the forefront of the emerging fast casual industry. VeganBurg, a small burger business that started in Singapore back in 2010, started the plant-based trend that has celebrities like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus getting their green on. VeganBurg started it all with a line of five premium plant-based burgers that look and taste like their meat counterparts when they launched. With an army of loyal fans and celebrity supporters like Chrissie Hynde, Steve Aoki, Belinda Carlisle, and more—VeganBurg has proven that capitalising on a newfound market shift will turn a hippie health food into a restaurant mainstream staple. 


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About VeganBurg

Since 2010, VeganBurg has been redefining food pop culture and comfort food with its delectable 100% plant-based menu. The fast-casual restaurant is successfully pushing the limit and breaking the stereotype of how a burger could look, feel and taste like by mixing and matching colourful ingredients, daring flavours and gourmet sauces. The brand prides itself with unique East-meets-West recipes, with seasonal specials like Chili Krab, Rasa Sayang, and Curry Dahl burgers throughout the year. All items at VeganBurg are 100% plant-based and cholesterol free.

Some of their biggest fans are Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Steve Aoki, Belinda Carlisle (The Go-Gos), Tara Stiles, and Deftones. They catered to Taylor Swift's Red Tour and Earth Hour 2014, too. Now that is a massive plus! VeganBurg is truly a culinary treat that's electric.