Miss World Singapore 2013 Maria-Anna Weiling Zenieris Calls For Meat Free Monday In Singapore To Help Slow Climate Change

The Beauty Queen Focuses On The Environment, One Burger At A Time With The Help of VeganBurg

Singapore - Miss World Singapore 2013 Maria-Anna Weiling Zenieris has joined the growing cadre of celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kelly Osbourne, Natalie Portman, and Alec Baldwin to name a few, who are going meat free. She supports “Meat Free Monday”, a campaign started by Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters Stella and Mary, and now being officially launched by VeganBurg in Singapore.

The campaign will kick-off on the 10th of October 2014 to coincide with VeganBurg’s 4th anniversary. By cutting out meat consumption on Mondays, this will work towards minimizing global greenhouse gas emissions through reducing methane that is released by factory farming. “As a vegan myself, I feel [Meat Free Monday] is important. And, at the same time, it is good for your body and the environment” Maria-Anna beamingly said. “So, I think, Meat Free Monday is a good way to share this initiative!” she added. As part of the campaign, she’s taking the Meat Free Monday pledge by nominating Singapore Supermodel model Fiona Fussi and newly-crowned Miss World Singapore 2014 Dalreena Poonam Gill. “VeganBurg is very excited to have Maria-Anna on board! She’s beautiful inside and out, and passionate about VeganBurg’s vision. I think that Maria-Anna is a true representation of how the new generation will be like.” said Alex Tan, CEO of VeganBurg.


Eating meat-free on Mondays, now an international movement, was created by the U.S.government as a resource-saving measure during World War I. In 2009, Sir Paul McCartney re-launched the effort with The Meat Free Monday Campaigns to promote replacing meat one day a week for our health and the health of the planet. Not only that, high levels of meat consumption cause inhumane practices in industrial factory farms and push small family farmers out of business. Eating less meat is better for animals, creates less waste and pollution and places more value on humane and sustainable agriculture, which benefits family farmers and generating income for rural communities.Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Indonesia, Japan, and other countries are doing the same. This is the first ever campaign of its kind in Singapore. The pledge can be seen here: http://pledge.meatfreemondays.com/


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