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Pre-opening support

Site selection and interior design
We provide guidelines to help you identify key high-traffic locations frequented by our target market so your VeganBurg franchise can look forward to higher sales. Extensive interior design guidelines will help you recreate the same unique and exceptional VeganBurg experience.

Initial training
A customised and comprehensive training programme on VeganBurg’s products, services and work processes will equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to run your operations smoothly and provide your customers with outstanding food and service.

Marketing and promotion
We provide guidelines throughout the year to ensure a well-planned strategy to help build your VeganBurg franchise successfully. Growing it into a well-known name synonymous with excellent food and service helps draw a larger share of customers to your franchise.


Operational support

Constant research and development  
Our continuous innovation will keep VeganBurg in the forefront of vegan fast food market. Diners are continuously enticed to return and try new offerings, making VeganBurg exciting and relevant always.

Systems, procedures and processes  
Our streamlined processes and simple procedures will ease your operations. These are all laid out in our comprehensive operations manuals to help your VeganBurg franchise run with efficient simplicity.

On-going training
Our dedicated and experienced trainers provide constant training to your management team, honing their expertise and knowledge, so your business can achieve greater success.