We are the world's first 100% plant-based burger joint, founded in October 10, 2010.

We used to think that a plant-based diet didn’t fit with a flexible modern lifestyle. But as we did our homework, we started to realize that if we want future generations to have as much fun as we are, we need to help our planet become sustainable. One great place to start is comfort food ingredients: they can be bad for the environment, but they taste oh-so-good. That’s where we come in: delicious food that doesn’t take a toll on the things we love.

Step in and grab a bite with us. Welcome home!




Welcome to the future of food. It’s time for a brand new dining experience that is good for your health, your lifestyle, and the planet. 

We work hard to give you the best in plant-based eating as well as limiting our impact on the environment.

Totally redefining food pop culture and comfort food with a delectable 100% plant-based menu.

Feel good about your food. 


As part of our commitment to diversity, we encourage applications from people from diverse. Inclusion and diversity is a key element to our teamwork.

Do you love the planet and have passion for the food revolution of the century? If you have what it takes to become a VeganBurg warrior, hit us up by clicking the link below.


We’ve been in the kitchen crafting this catering menu and we hope it’ll be just right for your next party or corporate event! Choose from a wide array of burgers, sidekicks, and treats. You can also customize it to better suit your individual needs. 

For large tables or private functions, please get in touch and visit this page.


Located in the Bay Area, a hot-spot for tourists and Californians alike, VeganBurg brings the best in 100% plant-based dining. 


1466 Haight Street
San Francisco, California 94117


Sunday-Thursday: 11:00A.M.-9:00P.M.
Friday-Saturday: 11:00A.M.-10:00P.M.