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island-wide delivery

Looking to stay cozy inside this holiday season? Enjoy the Trufflebello Burg at the comfort of your own home and let us bring our burgers directly to your doorsteps with a minimum order of $40 only!
Free delivery with orders above $100.


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a festive symphony of flavours

Burger-lovers, rejoice! Your yuletide season just got a whole lot merrier. Treat yourself and inndulge in a spirited blend of flavours! Packed with a crispy herbed Portobello Patty and a bold and spicy truffle aioli sauce, the #TrufflebelloBurg harmoniously stacks mouth-watering artisanal sun-dried tomatoes with farm-fresh arugula and shredded purple cabbage, topped with egg-free mayonnaise, and all on a toasted wholemeal bun. 

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Complete your meal with our limited-time-only sidekicks!

Sweet Potato Fries with Maple Dip: Wedges with a crunch when biting into them, and pillows of soft sweetness in the centre. Crispy Sweet Potato Fries served with a side of seasonal maple dip, offer fall flavours with every bite.

Spiced Berry Punch: The refreshing Spiced Berry Punch is packed with a rich combination of cinnamon and berry flavours – a guaranteed spirit raiser!

Choco Crisp Ice Cream: Relax and unwind with the Choco Crisp Ice Cream; a creamy dairy-free chocolate ice cream encrusted with chunks of crunchy toasted cinnamon oats and a drizzle of strawberry sauce.