On The Environment

How does a vegan diet help the planet?

51% of the world’s greenhouse gases are caused by the livestock industry.

On Services

Do you franchise the business?

Yes, we are open for franchising both in Singapore and overseas. We are currently setting up a structure for partnerships. Please click here for inquiries.

Do you do delivery or pick-up? 

Yes, we deliver and do pick-up thru our catering partners. For San Francisco, click here. For Singapore, click here.

Do you take reservations?

Yes, we take reservations for parties and other functions. You can book your reservation here.

Who can I speak with regarding press releases and marketing partnership?

Please click this link to get in touch with our marketing team. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Are there any job vacancies at VeganBurg?

Yes. Please visit our career page.

What is the VeganBurg patty made from?

The patties consist mainly of soy and mushroom. For more information about our burgers, please visit our menu page. In San Francisco, we offer a gluten-free and soy-free patty option which is made of brown rice and artichokes.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we do. Just ask our friendly warriors in the outlet.

About The Menu and Special Diets

Is everything totally vegan? Does your food contain dairy / eggs?

Yes, everything we serve is wholly vegan made with only plant-based ingredients, they contain NO dairy, honey, or eggs. All of our products (from burgers, to sidekicks, drinks, and each and every ingredient) are free of any animal content.

Are your burgers gluten-free?

Our pan-grilled patties are gluten-free, but our crispy patties and burger buns are not. You can always opt to substitute to gluten and soy-free patty/gluten-free bun/patty.

Are your menu items Halal?

Our menu items are Halal-friendly as we don’t use any animal products and alcohol.

Are your menu items Kosher?

Our menu items are Kosher-friendly as we don’t use any animal products and alcohol.

Do you serve food items that contain onion, garlic, leek, spring onion or shallots?

Yes, some of our food contain onion and are marked with an onion symbol on the menu. We also have some onion optional items on the menu wherein you can skip the onion.

Which of your products are organic and GMO-free?

Our burgers are built with artisan buns that are locally-sourced, it is also made with organic wholegrain – in addition, they are made and delivered fresh daily. As for our patties they’re handmade from gmo-free soy beans and made using our own in-house recipe.

Our fries are made with GMO-free potato and organic seaweed.

Do your food items contain nuts? Are nut items clearly marked in the menu?

The ciabatta bun comes with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. Besides that, our Char-grilled Satay Burger contains peanuts. If you have nuts allergy, we recommend you our Old School Hotdog.

Do you have any gluten-free or soy-free options?

Yes, however, it’s only available in San Francisco. We have a gluten-free bun option, as well as a soy-free patty option. Please ask for it before ordering.

As for Singapore, you can always switch to a low-carb lettuce wrap if you’re avoiding gluten.

Does your menu have anything suitable for a Neutropenic diet?

Cooked and pasteurised Items on our menu include: Crispy Potato Spinach Pops, Seaweed fries, Old School Hotdog, Vegan Franks, Granny’s Comfort Soup and brewed drinks. Please let us know, at the time of order, that you wish to have all garnishes removed. As we are a food establishment and not medically inclined, please check with your doctor on the suitability of our food items if you have doubts.

Does your menu have anything suitable for Jainism?

Yes, we have. We recommend you our Cracked Pepper Mayo, Creamy Shrooms, Tangy Tartar, and Hawaiian Teriyaki burgers. We also have the Mustang Relish burger, just ask our warrior to skip the onion.


While we offer gluten-free and nut-free menu options, we are not a gluten-free and nut-free kitchen. Cross-contamination could occur and our restaurant is unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.

VeganBurg expressly disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, that any menu item is necessarily free of any trace of gluten and nuts including the amount. By ordering from this menu, customer accepts this disclaimer and the menu items as prepared by VeganBurg.